Importance of Reading Fiction Books on Kids

As a parent, reading or storytelling is significant to their growth as a child. Sometimes we pay no head at all if we’re reading them the materials that can benefit their cognitive and learning skills. And we might have the same thoughts with fiction books. Its importance is overlooked. So why should we encourage reading fiction to our youngsters? Let’s find out!

It cultivates imagination

The splash of a child’s imagination can travel as far more than you can imagine. And it’s good to take advantage while their minds are still an open canvass, equipped to be painted with interesting pictures. Reading fiction books doesn’t separate them from reality but roots their mental garden instead of brand new imagery. It helps them to think out of the box.

It toughens the child in them

Even as a child, kids also have their fair share of struggles. It may be at school, or at home, and even internal dilemmas they couldn’t vent out. An escape to an alternate reality can restore them from their daily struggles, encounters and even enhances their problem-solving skills.

It builds empathy

The diverse scope of fiction opens their minds to different personalities that they can potentially learn to associate with. Hence, it eases their adjustment to the people around them, builds friendship, maintains relationships, and creates understanding and empathy.


While other kids are so immersed with technology and the recent innovations, reading them fiction books allows children to detach their selves to the media noise. It’s a good way to establish a desire to read books and put them in line with the vitality of every fiction material read to them.

Gives your child a better sleep

Did you know reading your kids a series of fiction books also enhance their sleeping pattern? Building a sleep pattern is a great way to a consistent and healthy sleeping habit.

A work of fiction is indeed a reality simulator. A good diversion of enhancing your child’s cognitive learning and creative mind. The 8-year-old author Vasvi Pande parades a great work of fiction that your children will surely enjoy.

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