How To Become A Child Author

Every child has his/her own dream of what they want to become in the future. Only a few have dwelled on the thought of becoming a writer. Perhaps at your young age, you have finished your own story but don’t know how and where to start building your foundations as child author.

If you’re having a hard time choosing which first step to take then you’re on the right page.

Write every day.

Writers need their skill in writing and imaginative knack to be honed as early as they can, apart from the desire to write alone. Start off by writing a journal of your day to day events, what happened in school, and what made you feel happy or blue today.

What do you want to write about?

Some may have pictured what they want to write. As for some, they might still be figuring out what they love to write. Take time to know what you love and don’t be hesitant to experiment on thoughts and ideas until you decide what genre you’ll be digging in. Let curiosity lead you to new discoveries with appropriate guidance.

Search for story ideas!

Who else agrees our ideas wouldn’t suffice alone? It helps when you aid yourself with constructive materials to guide with enough knowledge to know what you’re doing and to inspire you with things you haven’t thought about.

Get started with magazine publications

You can practice yourself through writing short stories and having it published on a magazine issue. Small achievements can come in a long way and grants you opportunities to improve even more.

Learn to accept rejections or criticisms

Young authors are most likely tender at heart and get highly emotional to all sorts of criticism they’ll be getting. At your young age, you have to understand that criticisms are not reasons for you to fall down but to get back up and keep writing.

It’s heart-warming to see how the younger generation gets involved with the art of writing. Just consistent training and guidance to ready them with the journey ahead should maintain their stature. Vasvi Pande showcases a great example as one of the youngest authors who has established their trademark in the literary pool.

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