Vasvi Pande Book Collection

The young author Vasvi Pande is a very imaginative and fun-loving young girl. And being the creative that she is, young Vasvi expresses her artistry, through drawings, music, and stories. Having started drawing at a very young age, Vasvi has created a series of children’s books that show her precocious writing skills and imagination.

Her series of books follows the adventures of a young girl as she learns about the world around her. Through her many adventures, she is accompanied by her imaginary friend, who comes in the form of a pink crayon. With her imaginary friend by her side, the young girl learns life lessons that will help her grow up as a better person. Each book tells a different story and teaches a different lesson.

In The Girl with a Pink Crayon: In the Backyard, the young girl becomes friends with an imaginary pink crayon. Although lonely at first, the young girl is taught by her new friend on how to make friends and how to overcome loneliness.

In Krista the Superhero, the protagonist Krista is a kindergarten student who wants to become a superhero. Although being a superhero can seem tough, young Krista is not afraid and sets out to become a superhero. Through kindness and good deeds, young Krista soon becomes a superhero in her own way.

In The Girl with a Pink Crayon: At School, a young girl brings her best friend the pink crayon to school. Although going to school could seem scary, the young girl is not afraid because she has a loyal friend the pink crayon. With the pink crayon’s magical help, the young girl brings the other girls closer together and helps her gain new friends who will play with her now.

This series of books are compilation of young Vasvi’s many short stories, and they all capture her great imagination and love for writing.

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